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Your Favourite Canucks Become Superheroes

by Tyler Rowe

He uses his laser-vision to change the molecular structure of any stanchion, bending it to his will.

One of the members of the HF Boards Canucks community, Caley Rombout, made these unbelievably sweet Canuck superhero photoshops, and when I saw them, I knew we had to put them on the site. Get ready to soak up some awesome, folks.


I asked Caley to tell me about herself. Her answer was better than anything I was going to write up:

“I’m 23, originally from Strathroy, Ontario. I grew up as the only Canucks fan in a family of rabid Leafs (mother’s side) and Wings (father’s side) fans. I fell in love with the Canucks the first time I saw Bure play a game and was fortunate enough to move to Victoria in 1999 so I was closer to my favourite team. I recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Chemistry with high aspirations of medical school in my future, but for now I work as an OR clerk and a manager at a whole foods bakery here. I work two jobs solely to pad my playoffs tickets fund, which is the highlight of my year (how sad awesome). For fun, obviously I participate heavily on HFBoards, but I’m also an avid knitter, or just crafter in general. I don’t have much spare time, but in the time that I do I like to try to get my friends more into hockey than just casual passing tastes…. My favourite Canuck is Higgins, as he definitely personifies the type of player I favour, but it’s a close three-way tie for second with Hamhuis, Booth, and Schneider.”

So, she’s smart enough to get a chemistry degree, she can photoshop like nuts, and she loves the Canucks. Can you say dream girl? (Note: Smug Nation is made of up of the happily married and the happily committed. We would still like our wives and girlfriends to take note of how hot we find dedicated fandom.)

Without any futher ado, check out these sweet babies (and for the full-sized images, you can check out Caley’s imgur here):

Yeah, you could say Alex Edler likes hammering. And he probably likes Natalie Portman, too. But this isn't a joke about that kind of hammering.

ZFK HATES FREDDIE PRINZE JR! (For the nerdiest nerds. Tweet at me, @tylerdanielrowe, if you got that one.)

Do not eff with this man.

Your friendly neighbourhood Schneiderman always rises to the occasion.

Why doesn't anyone ever hear Jannik Hansen coming in on the forecheck? He teleports there. *BAMMFF*

"Let me touch your face." - Robeasto Luongo.

"Its always bettah, down where its wettah, take it from meeee" - Aaron Rome, Aquaman.

And it turned out that heaven was exactly where we thought it was all along. Detroit, Michigan.

That is never what she said. Ever. Mason Raymond, ravishing in red.

A powerful mercenary with a knack for wearing down his opponents, Iron Fist Pahlsson is ready for the fight.

Even with one eye, he's one heck of a leader. With a torso that long, who wouldn't be?

One time, Hawkeye killed a room full of guards by tearing out his fingernails and using them as projectiles. Imagine what he'd do if you put your hand in his mouth.

Why NOT so serious?! Community man and playboy billionaire, Dan Hamhuis.

Unlike the one from the silver screen, this Iron Man never needs rehab.

It'll take a lot more than Red Skull to take down Captain America, Ryan Kesler.

No Question about it: Marvel Boy Higgins can really fly. And just look at those abs!

"Absolument, ma cheri!"

Once a thrall in Magneto's evil brotherhood, Dale Weiss has come over to the side of justice.

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About tylerdrowe

Broadcaster/Writer/Videographer/Vancouver Canucks fan since the late 80's. You can check out my personal/resume page at lowboy.webfactional.com.


3 thoughts on “Your Favourite Canucks Become Superheroes

  1. Daniel?

    Posted by Ram | March 27, 2012, 10:44 am
  2. This girl is literally crazy. She’s a compulsive liar. Great contributor for your site.

    Posted by Michael | May 14, 2014, 5:10 pm


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