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We (really) Interrupt This Radio Silence to Bring You…

by Tyler Rowe


Thanks Juice, we’re glad we’re back too.

Hockey. Specifically NHL hockey, and even more pertinently than that, Canucks hockey. It has been six months and five days since our last post, and that was a drink recipe. It has been nearly seven months since our last post about Canucks hockey. I don’t remember how to write. There is a part of me that feels like the end of the lockout is like when Isildor didn’t destroy the one ring. What will the this dread force known as NHL hockey mean now that it is again let loose into our world? Well, since the lockout I have helped open a restaurant here in Victoria to some success. Brian is getting along very well at law school. I haven’t talked to Aidan in months, but am pretty sure he’s been good. Will this shortened season mean the undoing of these positive things? Let us not mince words: I am certain that the answer is yes.

Friends of ours in the Smylosphere have done all the hard work in the interim, which is to say they have maintained their blogs’ activity through talking about things when there hasn’t been much to talk about. We have, as noted by PITB, sat smugly back and waited. We have gone on with our lives… or should I say we had gone on with our lives. We are going to get back with this girlfriend called the NHL. Sure, she’s abusive, she takes regular tawdry sabbaticals, and when she does it hurts. But she’s back, and when she’s here, she is good. Real good. Maybe the mean-girlfriend analogy is faulty. Maybe the NHL is more like a drug; an opiate of the masses if I can twist the words of a famous German political theorist. But when Brian is flunked out of law school, Aidan stops being handsome and well-dressed, and they stop letting me run a restaurant will it still be worth it? You bet your ass it will.

As to the Canucks’ chances this year, a shortened season might be the best thing that could have happened to us. Edler, Garrison, Kesler, Daniel Sedin and others might well have been ailing for an October start. The Nucks might be nearing the end of this Stanley Cup contention window, and every standing body will be needed. The Kings, Rangers, Penguins, Bruins and Blues will all be very strong this year. But as the sun rises on a Sunday morning over the Canadian west coast, we have a team of character and skill, of grit and determination. I for one can’t wait to see how it plays out, and in the coming days and months we will have a lot more to say about that. So to my girlfriend, family, job, hobbies and everything else in my life, I’m sorry that I’m not more sorry. Make room for Shorty and Garrett, HFBoards, PITB, NucksMisconduct, CanucksArmy, Rogers Arena, Swedish Twins, pools, HNIC, and all the rest of it.

Life, you just got NHL’d.

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Broadcaster/Writer/Videographer/Vancouver Canucks fan since the late 80's. You can check out my personal/resume page at lowboy.webfactional.com.


One thought on “We (really) Interrupt This Radio Silence to Bring You…

  1. Amen.

    Posted by LaLou | January 7, 2013, 9:34 am

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