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Here We Are

by Tyler Rowe


“O HAI SMUGNATION” – John Tortorella

Smug Nation, y’all. Greatest Canucks blog to never post anything. I think Brian and I owe an apology to anyone who expected a torrent of original material this season a la the spring of 2012, when we were fo’ real bloggers. We sold our souls to James Duthie, but didn’t read the fine print, and therefore didn’t realize that we had to be poor in order to have time for blogging. Ok fine, there are others who make due. But Brian is at law school, and Aidan has become the newest member of Wu Tang Clan, part of their rebranding for the 20th anniversary edition of 36 Chambers. Me, I’m staying busy with a number of other projects (like The Contenders, a new podcast with Perry Hurley from spliffbreaks.com set to drop any day) and working full-time at a pretty sweet pub. Plus, my Kansas City Chiefs are 9-0. But I for one must make my stand against the silence right here and right now. We still watch the games, we still have opinions, and we still think we’re funny. Also, now that you mention it, we’re not sorry.

To get caught up, the great stories around the NHL are as follows: Continue reading

Scenarios Pt. I: Get Better

by Tyler Rowe

Good guy. Good coach. Good luck. (Image property of vancouversun.com)

It would appear that I was too optimistic about the Vancouver Canucks playoff chances for the second year in a row. In case you haven’t heard, the Canucks were unable to win one game against the San Jose Sharks, not even for the Gipper. And over the next week, I’m going to try to figure out why that happened and what needs fixing. If Vancouver is talented but unable to win a single game against a good but beatable opponent, then either something is broken in the coaching staff, or in the team’s player personnel and the culture they engender as a whole. *Spoiler Alert*: It might be both. Continue reading

The History of the Northwest Division (Part I)

by Tyler Rowe The indomitable Brian Beitz, formerly of SmugNation (kidding!) and now a pupil at UVic Law, which he tells me was created solely to save the environment, actually managed to see though the green haze his life has become to point out something interesting the other day: Northwest Division (1999-2013) championships:

Vancouver Canucks – 7

Colorado Avalanche -5

Calgary Flames – 1

Minnesota Wild – 1

Edmonton Oilers – 0

Read past the jump for a whole lot more.  Continue reading

Your Favourite Canucks Become Wrestlers!

by Tyler Rowe

Local man is spot-on

Local man is spot-on

Here at SmugNation, we recently had a conversation about reality. And as any idiot knows, there is nothing more real than professional wrestling. Last year, the Vancouver Canucks were made super by the lovely and talented Caley Rombout (who should really be doing her own blog, lazybones). You Smuggle-bugs loved it, and asked for more. Who are we to disappoint? Well, okay… we barely posted for almost a year. But with the playoffs upon us once again, we are lucky enough to have Caley back to bring us a new set of heroes, not of the caped variety, but the kind of heroes you find surrounded by stretchy ropes and readily available folding chairs. We are talking about professional wrestlers. And the Vancouver Canucks, rounding into beast-mode-form after the sound thumping they laid on the Chicago Blackhawks last night, are looking like a team ready for a shot at the belt. Read past the jump for the most fun you’ve had since Hulk Hogan overcame adversity to crush Sergeant Slaughter and General Adnan in Wrestlemania VII (nothing quite like xenophobia to get the blood stirring). Continue reading

Well, Here Comes The Realness

by Tyler Rowe



The Vancouver Canucks last six games have been against Nashville, Calgary, Edmonton twice, Colorado and Phoenix, and these contests have been good to their division championship ambitions. Despite some lackluster efforts in those six games, the ‘Nucks have managed a 5-1 record, posting 20 goals for and 8 against over that span including two Cory Schneider shutouts. But Nashville, Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado and Phoenix aren’t going to the playoffs and none of those sides have been very good this year. None of them are particularly real (pronounced “rahl”). Continue reading

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