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Under the Radar? It Would Appear So

by Tyler Rowe

What's missin' is the kissin'

What’s missin’ is the kissin’

As of Monday morning, the Vancouver Canucks are getting odds between 10/1 and 15/1 from Vegas line-makers to win the Stanley cup, which is good for sixth to seventh most likely to win it all. Its likely that these odds will shorten before the playoffs should the Blue and Green continue their (what now seems oddly) cohesive play with the additions of healthy Ryan Kesler and newcomer Derek “shut-up-and-take-my-money” Roy. Still, this is an evaluation by big sports books that says “we do not believe this team will win, but we can’t make the odds too enticing just in case the better teams get injured”. The media outside of Vancouver tends to agree. The conversation around who the bona fide contenders are includes Chicago, Pittsburgh, L.A. and Boston of course, but also less whelming teams like Montreal and Anaheim who, lets be honest, really have no chance at raising the mug this spring. Vancouver seems to be omitted from that conversation, at least as of right now. Continue reading

SMUG-PROJECTIONS: Fantasy Rankings: NHL Defensemen: AWESOME

by Tyler Rowe

You can hope to have about 47% as much fun as this woman in your fantasy drafts.

You can hope to have about 47% as much fun as this woman in your fantasy drafts.

Back in August I put a detailed draft package together to give to my friends so they could draft my various fantasy hockey teams for me while I was away on vacation from early-September to mid-October. I laboured over ranking 225 skaters and 20 goalies, complete with nuanced instructions on which players to let fall, which to snatch early, which goalies were acceptable choices in which corresponding rounds, and so on. And this was just for the three points-only leagues I participate in annually. For my 2 multi-stat roto leagues, I painstakingly crafted two pre-rankings lists for autodraft on two seperate websites. I think my Yahoo draft list was a work of art, nay a masterpiece more beautiful than a dozen new seasons of Deadwood. Continue reading

Cam Barker has Arrived!

By Tyler Rowe

This looks like a man who might enjoy west coast living.

This looks like a man who might enjoy west coast living.

This morning the Vancouver Canucks added 2004 3rd overall draft pick Cam Barker. Be still my beating heart, you say? The man who was once thought the preferable choice after Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, is now being counted on to fill in for injuries on the Vancouver blue line this season at the pro-rated cost of $700,000. To say that Barker’s pro hockey career has been a disappointment thus far might be an understatement. Continue reading

We (really) Interrupt This Radio Silence to Bring You…

by Tyler Rowe


Thanks Juice, we’re glad we’re back too.

Hockey. Specifically NHL hockey, and even more pertinently than that, Canucks hockey. It has been six months and five days since our last post, and that was a drink recipe. It has been nearly seven months since our last post about Canucks hockey. I don’t remember how to write. There is a part of me that feels like the end of the lockout is like when Isildor didn’t destroy the one ring. What will the this dread force known as NHL hockey mean now that it is again let loose into our world? Well, since the lockout I have helped open a restaurant here in Victoria to some success. Brian is getting along very well at law school. I haven’t talked to Aidan in months, but am pretty sure he’s been good. Will this shortened season mean the undoing of these positive things? Let us not mince words: I am certain that the answer is yes. Continue reading

The Luongo: Happy July 1st

By aidanbc

Welcome back, Smuglies. We now interrupt 6 weeks of radio silence to bring you… a cocktail recipe.

This is a completely different drink

July 1st, known across this land of ours as either Canada Day or Free Agent Frenzy Day, is coming up on Sunday. This year, July 1st is also the speculative deadline day for a Roberto Luongo trade, since it is the date when RFA goalie-of-the-future Cory Schneider hits the offer-sheet market.

A day so fraught with both sports-fan tension and chest-thumping nationalism naturally pairs well with just about any alcoholic beverage. But since this is the day we might be saying farewell to the greatest goaltender in our troubled franchise’s history, it deserves its own special drink. Read after the jump for the recipe to a cocktail bursting with both flavour and symbolism: The Luongo.
Continue reading

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