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Bragging Rights: Why are we so smug anyway?

By aidanbc


Canucks vs. Canada

It will never be finally decided who has won the football. There’s still everything to play for, and forever to play it in!
-David Mitchell

I’ll admit I don’t quite follow how you, a man who lives over 200 miles away from the home ground of your chosen team can claim some deep attachment to a bunch of overpaid hired hands from all four corners of the globe who temporarily wear the same colour of shirt as you’re currently wearing. But then, maybe I’m a bit slow!
-David Mitchell

Despite our friend David Mitchell’s depressingly well-reasoned tirades on the futility and irrationality of sporting loyalties, fans of teams across the country take a real interest in the success of their own band of athletic mercenaries and seldom waste an opportunity to crow about their successes. Were we any different here at Smug Nation, we wouldn’t be… well, we wouldn’t be Smug Nation. But in a country that includes three of the top five all-time Stanley Cup-winning franchises, but hasn’t hosted a (planned-several-times-over) parade in 19 years, who exactly has bragging rights?

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