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What Am I Going To Do With My Time!? Part 1: Moar Spoarts!

by aidanbc

"Guess I'll just wait here till October"

The Canucks season has come to, by almost anyone’s expectations, a premature end. How should Canucks fans fill the evening hours in the weeks and months to come? The barely pseudonymous aidanbc will examine this in a three-part SmugNation investigation: “What Am I Going To Do With My Time!?” Here’s Part 1: Moar Spoarts!


I love sports. All sports. If I don’t like it, odds are it’s not a sport (I’m looking at you, 500 miles of traffic turning left!). I’ve been to professional hockey, football, basketball, and baseball games. I’ve attended international curling, rugby and cricket test matches. I’ve been to Scottish Premier League games and Australian Rugby League games. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of them, even the parts I didn’t quite understand. So it should surprise no one that—though the Canucks are without question the team I follow the most—the end of their season isn’t the end of my sporting calendar. Here are my arguments in favour of Vancouver’s three other pro sports teams, two of which are defending champions. Chew on that for a minute, and join me after the jump:

“Vancouver’s defending champions.”

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