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Here We Are

by Tyler Rowe


“O HAI SMUGNATION” – John Tortorella

Smug Nation, y’all. Greatest Canucks blog to never post anything. I think Brian and I owe an apology to anyone who expected a torrent of original material this season a la the spring of 2012, when we were fo’ real bloggers. We sold our souls to James Duthie, but didn’t read the fine print, and therefore didn’t realize that we had to be poor in order to have time for blogging. Ok fine, there are others who make due. But Brian is at law school, and Aidan has become the newest member of Wu Tang Clan, part of their rebranding for the 20th anniversary edition of 36 Chambers. Me, I’m staying busy with a number of other projects (like The Contenders, a new podcast with Perry Hurley from spliffbreaks.com set to drop any day) and working full-time at a pretty sweet pub. Plus, my Kansas City Chiefs are 9-0. But I for one must make my stand against the silence right here and right now. We still watch the games, we still have opinions, and we still think we’re funny. Also, now that you mention it, we’re not sorry.

To get caught up, the great stories around the NHL are as follows: Continue reading

Scenarios Pt. I: Get Better

by Tyler Rowe

Good guy. Good coach. Good luck. (Image property of vancouversun.com)

It would appear that I was too optimistic about the Vancouver Canucks playoff chances for the second year in a row. In case you haven’t heard, the Canucks were unable to win one game against the San Jose Sharks, not even for the Gipper. And over the next week, I’m going to try to figure out why that happened and what needs fixing. If Vancouver is talented but unable to win a single game against a good but beatable opponent, then either something is broken in the coaching staff, or in the team’s player personnel and the culture they engender as a whole. *Spoiler Alert*: It might be both. Continue reading

No Daniel, No Problem.

by Brian Beitz

Burr and Lappy celebrate vs. the Flames

Rich Lam / Getty Images

If someone had told me earlier in the year that one of the Canucks strongest runs would come with Daniel Sedin and Kevin Bieksa sitting out with injuries, I would have… I’d have… Well, I’d probably believe them. Despite their lackluster play in January and February, the Canucks play a strong system game and have always said that if they stick to that system, they give themselves a great chance to win no matter who’s in the lineup. Now, since Daniel went down due to a mysterious upper-body injury cheap and brutal headshot—wait, did I cross out the wrong part there?—the Canucks have won 6 straight, their longest winning streak of the season. Really, with the schedule as it is, the Canucks could very well finish the season on a 9-0 run without their leading goal scorer. It’s like they don’t even need him!

The problem is, as you’ll find out after the jump, the Canucks seem to realize this as well…

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Sedins No Longer on the Couch: 9 Slumps Busted by the Canucks on Wednesday Night

Vancouver battles Phoenix

Ian Lindsay / Postmedia News

Wednesday, after a 3-day rest, the Canucks took on the Phoenix Coyotes at Rogers Arena. The team was looking to right a sinking no-longer-buoyant-but-still-somehow-staying-in-the-exact-same-position-on-the-surface ship. Many of the players have been mired in scoring slumps lately, the powerplay has been dismal, and for some reason when you add those two items together and combine them with shaky goaltending and defensive breakdowns, the results are worse than Terrence Maddox’s last blood test.

But now is not the time to panic, my little Smuglies. No, that time was 2 games ago. Now is the time when you slump to the ground, exhausted by your own hysterics and dehydrated from the excessive sobbing and drooling and start to realize there is still good in the world. You see, not every loss is a complete loss and not every win is a complete win (mostly because some wins are shootouts). We here at Smug Nation don’t believe that the Canucks’ cup is half empty, and we certainly don’t believe that the cup is half full. Only losers have half-full cups. At Smug Nation, all cups usually runneth over with optimism, hope, and enough alcohol to keep those first two things intact. Today, the Canucks’ cup runneth over with the momentum gained from breaking nine slumps on Wednesday and getting several individuals off the proverbial “schnide” (also getting them off the non-proverbial Schneid, who would prefer that players stop sitting on his lap for comfort following a loss).

Let’s take a look at some of the slumps bumped by the Canucks on Wedneday night:

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The Canucks Turn Hollywood: Top Slump-Busting Movie Moments the Canucks Can Turn to for Inspiration

by Brian Beitz

Luongo cries

"Man. That movie gets me every time." (Julie Jacobson/AP)

It’s official, the Canucks are slumping. The boys in blue and green have gone 4-4-2 in their last 10, outscored 23 to 20 in that span. This is not the way we have come to expect this team to perform, and nearly every player is in a season-worst funk. There has been much debate since the embarrassing 3rd-period folding versus the Canadiens last night as to how the Canucks should spend their 3-day break before playing Phoenix on Wednesday. If you’re Alain Vigneault, what do you do? Bag skate them? Give them a few days away from the rink to clear their heads? Perhaps an ideal game of Battling Tops?

No. What the Canucks need is to realize that what they’re going through now has been gone through by many before them, on the silver screen. Winning isn’t about resting or practicing; it’s about watching movies and seeing how the real heroes turn their games around and defeat the villain/win the big game/get Thor’s hammer back. Here’s the Hollywood scenarios Smug Nation would suggest each slumping Canuck go through in order re-find his game:

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